Need to Buy Marijuana seeds in Amazon United States!  A quick CHECK LIST

Amazon is a leading major e-commerce site in the world and that is also the reason why people tend to search for what they intend to buy on this site first, including cannabis seeds.

Buying on Amazon is a wise choice when customers can read product reviews of previous customers, customers can get free shipping or get more incentives. Online shopping has brought sellers and customers closer together and much more convenient.

Growers can absolutely shop for everything for their crops by buying online. In this article, we will provide you with a quick check list to assist you in buying cannabis seeds in Amazon United States.

Is it possible to buy cannabis seeds on Amazon?

Cannabis products are on the boom, it could be a wise step to invest in harvesting and enjoy sky-rocketing profits from this multibillion-dollar industry.

But the tricky part comes here. How to find a trusted supplier for marijuana seeds?

Of course, everyone would opt for one of the trusted selling sources named Amazon. The retail giant offers various related products of the Cannabis Industry. You can find comprehensive growing tools, guides, E-books, and books explaining complete harvesting processes which could be helpful for Pot-breeders.

However, once you are looking for an option for Marijuana seeds on Amazon, it won’t work as Amazon has not yet permitted the product listings for cannabis seeds.

What does Amazon have for growers?

As we mentioned, although we don’t sell cannabis seeds, Amazon has a lot of things for growers serving their crops. These items include growing supplies, fertilizers, organics, hemp products, cannabis-related food and drinks, and more.

With just one keyword ‘cannabis’ you can find a lot of things related to it on Amazon. And when buying on this e-commerce site, users can rest assured to buy at the most favorable price.

There are also many retailers that prepare growers with indoor grow kits that make it easier for growers to grow cannabis indoors. They are especially useful for beginner growers who don’t know what to invest to start growing cannabis indoors.

Growers will also find industrial farming tools and more advanced items. They are suitable for large-scale commercial cannabis growers.

In general, on Amazon, there are many things related to marijuana for sale. They have different prices, different qualities and it is important that you understand what you need and then research the right product.

Where Else Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds?

We will reiterate again, Amazon does not currently allow retailers to sell cannabis seeds on this marketplace, but they may allow this in the future. And if you want to buy cannabis seeds online, don’t take the time to search for them on Amazon. Instead, online seed banks are the ideal choice.

There are now many online seed banks around the world and your job is to choose the right cannabis seed bank to invest in. At online seed banks, growers can find regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and feminized seeds. In addition, some of the major seed banks also offer unique, rare and top-notch cannabis strains for growers.

Online seed banks will have their own rules and policies. Some produce and sell their own cannabis seeds, while the rest will retail cannabis strains from the leading major breeders.

There are thousands of online seed banks out there and growers will need to be alert enough to choose a reputable and trustworthy seed bank. Quite a few newbie growers cannot choose a good seed bank, resulting in a lot of money and time for their crops.

How Can I buy cannabis seeds online?

Newbie growers can absolutely choose a reputable seed bank with good quality cannabis strains with their inexperience. To do this, growers shouldn’t be in a hurry to pick whichever seed bank you see first. Instead, take a moment to learn about online seed banks.

A good option is to buy seeds online and for that, you should go for a trusted supplier with good ratings from its customers. First, you should deep dig for relevant information regarding your selection of strains. The strain type and quality are basic factors that should be well-searched before going for any purchase.

The most popular strain divisions are Regular seeds, Auto-flowering seeds and feminized seeds. Here is a quick checklist for buying Marijuana seeds through online seed banks.

#1 Selected seed bank offers free worldwide shipping with a quick turnaround time

This is the first thing that we recommend newbie growers to check and learn at an online seed bank. Check to see if this online seed bank ships globally as of course, not all seed banks are close to your area.

We also recommend that growers choose the seed banks closest to you. Usually, the delivery costs will be lower and with the shorter seed delivery time, the seeds will retain the best freshness.

Online seed banks that offer free shipping on orders should also be a priority. Especially in the case of growers who have spent a lot of budgets to buy seeds, free shipping can act as a small tribute to their customers. That’s what online seedbanks with good customer service do.

A seed bank with a quick turnaround time will help growers quickly resolve order-related issues in the shortest possible time. There are many cases where customers cannot process their orders within the time allowed by the seed bank because it takes too long to deliver.

#2 Providing Stealth and discrete shipping options

The Seed bank providing Stealth and discrete shipping options is the best pick for you. In general, newbie growers should choose seed banks that offer discreet packaging and shipping to keep their orders safe.

Although cannabis seeds are no longer banned in many localities, in many countries cannabis seeds are still a very sensitive subject. Your order can be detained at customs at any time, and surely many people also do not want neighbors or relatives to know about the ‘content’ of their order.

That’s just one of the reasons that discreet packaging and shipping are essential. You can imagine a few more reasons, it’s easy, and then take the time to learn about seed bank’s packaging and shipping services.

#3 Multiple payment methods available with a wide range of accepted currencies

The best online seed bank must have multiple payment methods available with a wide range of accepted currencies. That is an important factor, especially for online transactions. Surely anyone wants to be able to quickly pay and experience the good customer service of the seed bank instead of struggling to figure out how to pay in the wrong way.

We always prefer to choose banks that offer a variety of payment methods, so you won’t have to waste time and will have more time to choose more cannabis seeds. The many payment methods available will also help customers in different countries to choose the most convenient payment method.

A good seed bank should also allow payments with a wide range of currencies. Most international customers will be happy to pay in their home currency, as they feel unfamiliar with other currencies.

#4 Loyalty programs or promotional offers

This is an indispensable element in the best seed bank. There should be plenty of Loyalty programs or promotional offers displayed on their website and social media platforms.

We all want to buy anything at the best price, and that is no exception with cannabis seeds. Look for seed banks that offer a variety of promotions and that will help you save money on your crop.

Not all promotions are a way for seed banks to sell off stock, low-quality seeds with low germination rates. These promotions hardly happen often and this is a form of customer gratitude of many seed banks.

In addition, we will also put seed banks with loyalty programs on our priority list. Such programs will often help you accumulate points through purchases, these points can be converted into money to discount on subsequent orders.

Some seed banks even rank members in loyalty programs. Accordingly, this member rank will be divided based on spending level. Each level will have its own incentive, and the more you spend, the more incentives you will receive.

#5 Strain collection and quality of seeds

Of course, the most important thing is the strain collection and quality of seeds offered by the seed bank. This is the criteria that any grower should look for in an online seed bank.

Choose a seed bank that has a large seed collection with a wide variety of cannabis strains. From there, growers can choose the cannabis strain that suits their budget, level and preferences. The larger the seed collection, the more options you will have.

Besides, don’t forget to check the germination rate of these seeds. You can check the germination rate of certain seed banks by browsing the cannabis forums to read reviews about these germination rates.

You should also choose seed banks that offer germination guarantees for their seeds. This means that you will be able to have the seed bank replace you with new seeds if the seed you purchased fails to germinate, and it’s free.

Also, pay close attention to whether the description of the strain you choose is pest-resistant or something like that. This will largely determine whether the seed you choose can grow up healthy or not.

#6 Expert sales team and customer support department

Buying online or buying in person, the experience is also important. No one wants to spend money to buy discomfort and frustration. So choose a reputable seed bank with professional staff and good customer service.

Refer to Trustpilot reviews or cannabis forums from previous customers about the seed bank you are looking for. If there are negative reviews and they are in the majority, it is best to take a safe bet and find another seed bank.

Good customer service will give you a good experience. And professional staff will be able to help you with good knowledge of cannabis cultivation. Besides, the seed bank will also receive more when there is good customer service.

As per our research, the Crop King Seeds and IloveGrowingMarijuana are reputable seed banks, offering quality marijuana seeds with Global shipping options and discreet shipping services.

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