Glookies Strain Review 2023: Best High Yield Weed Strains (800g/m2)

Have you ever heard of the Glookies cannabis strain? If not, please sit down and take some time to learn about this strain. It will undoubtedly become a preferred strain for both smokers and growers. Glookies is a famous strain from Barney’s Farm (the top seed bank). This strain is described by breeders as Avengers … Read more

Top 20 Strongest Purple Strains 2023 [Honest Review]

The world of cannabis is vast, each strain has a different color, taste, aroma and effect. Besides the original strains, more and more new strains are being created. Most of these strains are green in color and dotted with sparkling orange stigmas and resin. Besides these popular blue strains, however, there are also purple cannabis … Read more

Best Purple Strains: Top 13 Strongest Purple Strains for Outdoor Growing

Cannabis is usually green or light brown in color, but it is available in many other colors. One of them is purple. Color is the first external attraction when growers look for cannabis strain for the upcoming crop. 93% of growers make buying decisions based on color and visual appeal. It is a reason for … Read more