Homemade Ladybug Killer 2023 : Best Organic Insect Controls for Outdoor

Homemade Ladybug Killer 2023 : Best Organic Insect Controls for Outdoor

Top 10 Organic Insect Controls for Outdoor #1 Best Organic Fly Trap: Trapro 20-Pack Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE When growing cannabis one of the most common threats to your plants are Thrips – these are very small insects that move very fast. Once attached to your plant they will suck … Read more

How to get rid of root rot: 11 way to Fix root rot for indoor plants (Updated for 2023)

Many of us have encountered root rot and still failed to recognize it. It is a disease that has almost the same symptoms as the rest of the plant-related diseases, but it is somehow fatal than most of the other known diseases. If not recognized early, your effected plant will slowly move towards its death. … Read more

Best Aphids Control: 11 way to kill aphids for cannabis(Updated for 2023)

Gardening is a passion where growing plants is an art, caring your plants is the kindness towards nature while controlling pest in your garden is a technique that needs a lot of attention and focus that makes you companion with the nature and environment around you where we have the responsibility to keep you informed … Read more

The 8 Best Natural Bug Killer – Biological Pest Control 2023 Reviews

Top 8 Organic Insect Controls for Greenhouse #1 Best Live Ladybugs for Greenhouse: (Medium Bag) 300 Live Ladybugs CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE With this product from Good Bugs, you can try out a really natural way of controlling the insects attacking your cannabis plants. You will receive a bag of 300 live ladybugs on … Read more

How to get rid of mold: 10 way to kill mold on plants (Updated for 2023)

The word ‘mold’ mainly refers to those fungi that grow in the form of hyphae i.e. multicellular thread-like structures. Fungi of the genera Aspergillus penicillium is mainly responsible for mold growth. They are found almost everywhere especially in the soil since it’s their natural habitat. The organic debris or leaves or roots etc. are decomposed … Read more

Yellow leaves on plants: 7 common causes for the leaves turning yellow on cannabis plants

While growing cannabis, there may be several reasons that cause the yellow leaves on plants during the entire growing process whereas in some cases such leaves also develop streaks and brown spots followed by withering that result in the death of the plants. If we come to summarize such factors that cause the leaves to … Read more

The 5 Best Insect Fogger for Indoor Cannabis Plants Reviews 2023

Top 5 Best Insect Fogger for Indoor Cannabis Plants #1 Best Fogger for Indoor Cannabis Plants: Doktor Doom 3-Ounce Total Release Fogger CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE As the name suggests Doktor Doom’s insect killer will really pack a punch when it comes to dealing with pest problems on your cannabis plants. This is specifically … Read more

How to Get Rid of Broad Mites: 9 way to kill broad mites on Cannabis (Updated for 2023)

Broad mites, also known as Polyphagotarsonemus latus, occurs in moderate climate regions only, often observed in greenhouses and tropics. There is a wide range of plants that are the main prey of the broad mites. Mites, often, appear on plants like peppers, tomato, cucumber, and many ornamental crops like cyclamen, begonia, gerbera, etc. Peppers is … Read more

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants: 10 way to kill ants and fire ants in your garden (Review 2023)

What are the Fire ants? Fire ants belong to the genus Solenopsis in the family Fromicidae that are widely spread in the Southern and Central US along with their presence in some temperature areas of North America whereas above 200 species of the Genus are found across the world. The most widely spread species in … Read more