The 10 Best Soil for Cannabis Indoor – Potting Soil, Organic Soil, Mix Soil Reviews 2023

If you’re looking to grow cannabis indoors, then one of the most forgiving ways to do so, especially for beginners, is in soil (rather than hydroponic substrates that can be way more challenging and costly to set up). With soil you are also guaranteed to provide a deeper flavor to your buds, so its an … Read more

Best Plant Fertilizer for Marijuana 2023: Powder, liquid and granular fertilizer

Best Plant Fertilizer for Marijuana 2023: Powder, liquid and granular fertilizer

Before going into the details of plant fertilizer for sale in the market, it is pertinent to know what are essential nutrients and how plants react to their deficiencies and what are the functions associated with fertilizer when sufficiently present in nutrients feed program; Nutrients Functions and Deficiency Symptoms Essential Nutrient Abbreviation Available Forms Functions … Read more

Homemade Fertilizer: Top 5 best homemade fertilizers for your garden (Updated for 2023)

What are Fertilizers? These are chemical substances derived either from rock sources or by the reaction of different chemicals to evolve new chemistries that are used to enhance the productivity of the crops, vegetables, fruits, vines, and Cannabis on the daily basis as they contain major elementals such a Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash along with … Read more

Nutrient Deficiency: How to cure Nutrient Deficiency on cannabis plants

What is a nutrient deficiency? In general, different symptoms describe the extent of nutrient deficiency in plants although there are some common symptoms that are associated with more than one deficiencies in the plants. Each nutrient performs its role in the process of growing whereas the deficiency symptoms are grouped in 5 classes according to … Read more

House and Garden Nutrients Review: Best Nutrients Supplements That Ship WorldWide

Currently on the market, there are many companies working in the field of nutrients and plant supplements. Choosing a reliable and quality company from among so many does not seem like a simple task for many people. If you are looking for a reputable place to find supplements for your plants, House and Garden Nutrients … Read more

Micro Plant Powder on for Marijuana/Cannabis/Weed [Reviews]

The conventional method of applying micro plant powder is mixing and spreading them in the soil in combination with primary fertilizers. Application rates vary depending on the type of soil and fertility level whereas, the usual application rate is 100 grams per 1000 square feet area that is a bit difficult to apply accurately without … Read more

Best Nutrients for Vegetative Stage 2023 – Fertilizer and NPK Reviews

Top Fertilizer and NPK 2023 To help you out, here are the marijuana seeds usa that work in any country. #1 Best Liquid Nutrients for Perfect pH: Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow Plant Nutrient, 500ml CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE Make worrying about pH levels a thing of the past with this pH Perfect Grow Plant Nutrient … Read more

Bigger Better Buds Box Reviews: How to Grow Big Buds outdoors?

Bigger Better Buds Box Reviews: How to Grow Big Buds outdoors?

When it comes to growing Cannabis plants outdoors, the growers remain to deprive of the growing media that they normally use for growing cannabis plants indoors and in hydroponics culture. They become cautious that how to grow big buds outdoors without having the facility or privileges that they enjoy with indoor farming. The fertility of … Read more