GYO SeedBank(Reviews): Shipping and return policy

Things to know about GYO Seedbank

GYO seedbank is a privately-owned online cannabis retailer store that commenced operation on October 2015. Its management team and subsectors boast of over 20 years of industry experience in the cannabis sector, so it’s safe to say that they are no newcomers to the industry. GYO seedbank is an acronym which means (Grow your Own) Seedbank, which lies at the heart of what GYO seedbank stands for, which is to empower every cannabis user, either for recreational or medical use, to be able to grow and harvest their favourite cannabis strain from seeds successfully. An expert in the cannabis industry, GYO seedbank offers its customers and affiliates, innovative, tailored solutions and concepts, targeted towards independence and freedom.
Customers have the option of getting both single seed pack, or the breeders pack when logged to the site. Also, GYO gives its customers a transparent on-site price comparison of all its packages, so you know which package is best suited for your needs. Taking it forward, GYO rewards its loyal customers and members with loyalty membership rewards schemes, which is referred to as the Eucalyptus loyalty points scheme.
The site is built with the latest web 2.0 technology, suitable for online selling and customer interaction. Customers have the option to interact and find out any information at any buying stage in their ordering process.
GYO seedbank approach to online seed sale and distribution is unique, and its home to over 2500 cannabis strains and seed growing from over 80 reputable breeders from around the World.
We can confidently say that GYO seedbank brings revolution to the online cannabis seed and breeder’s community. Housing only the best strains of cannabis seeds and making online seed shopping and distribution seamless.
GYO seedbank runs a 24-hour customer support network, which is trusted and reliable. Response to email inquiry is within 24 hours or less, excepts for weekends or holidays. Also, customers have access to the live chat feature available on the website dashboard and can receive answers to inquiries in real-time without waiting and flickering. The online chat is open 16 hours, Monday through Friday, and 4 hours on Saturday morning, respectively.
Whether you are looking for any Sativa, Indica, or Ruderalis seed strains, you can get them all on GYO seedbank, not forgetting Hybrid strains, which can also be obtained from the platform, all from various breeders from across the World.

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Shipping and return policy

#1 Countries GYO ship to

GYO seedbanks ships to anywhere in the World. However, Shipping to done to countries and states where cannabis is cleared by law to be grown and used.
Ordering your seeds from the GYO seedbank website means you have automatically accepted their terms and conditions, which implies that sending the cannabis strain to your location is 100% legal and safe. You are solely responsible for the importation of the good if the import of cannabis is not allowed by law in your country, state, or province.
GYO Seedbank offers its customers two shipping options, which is free and protected Shipping.

#2 FREE Shipping

GYO offers free Shipping as an added benefit to its customers who meet their maximum or minimum order value, and the order value depends on factors which include location, and nature of goods ordered.
Free shipping benefit will be displayed on the checkout page; if you don’t meet the minimum or maximum requirement for free Shipping, other options will be made available to you.
GYO Seedbank holds every right to refund customers who abuse the free shipping benefits.

#3 Paid shipping plans

Depending on where your location in the World, GYO Seedbanks offers a paid shipping plan to its customers. And shipping fees start at $9.99 and can be tracked. When an order is tracked, it automatically is converted to use the International Tracked and Signed accepted model of delivery, where the customer is expected to sign at the delivery address registered at the checkout site.
Orders are shipped using priority airmail and is delivered to the customers within 10 to 14 days depending on the location and quantity of merchandise ordered. At most, orders can take up to 30 days, depending on your location in the World.
Customers also have the option to add insurance to their shipment and this is displayed as an upgrade feature known as Protected.

#4 Protected shipment

Protected Shipping is an optional Shipping added service offered by GYO seed bank, where GYO takes full responsibility for your purchase till it arrives at your destination. This insurance covers theft, loss, on transit damage, and other cases of non-delivery, which is common with Shipping and can occur at any time. Protected Shipping is purchased together with your order at the checkout page, and when this is done, GYO will take full responsibility for the safe arrival of your merchandise and you’re liable to a free resend if your goods fail to your destination of choice due to unforeseen reasons. The cost of getting your merchandise protected is directly proportional to the value of the order made, meaning, it can vary depending on the type of order and several other factors in your order process.
Protected shipping kicks in once your scheduled full delivery date has elapsed completely. This takes 30 working days from the date of shipment, meaning that a shipping company cannot consider a good “lost in transit” except the shipping time has elapsed the scheduled shipping date by 30 working days. Thus, GYO will not authorize a resend until it has exhausted all available options to recover the goods, and the 30-working day period has elapsed.
It should be noted, however, that the Protected Shipping does not cover error details filled in the checkout page or delivery dispute with the shipping company due to late pickup or failed pickup by the customer

#5 Conditions for Returns

GYO seedbank accepts returns provided the customers meet the requested requirements.
#1 That the return gets to them within 28 days after the item has been shipped.
#2 The Beanbox Shrinkwrap (which is the GYO seedbank certified packaging) is properly in place and has not been tampered with.
#3 That a support ticket is opened which shows the reasons for the return and must be made before the item is sent back. GYO seedbank holds every right to approve or reject your request, and when the request is approved, an RMA (Return Merchandise approval) is sent to the customer before any shipping return is to be made. If these steps aren’t followed, GYO may reject the return if it’s sent.

#6 Steps to Return your Item to GYO Seedbank

#1 Login to the GYO dashboard, creating a support ticket. The ticket will contain details of the order and why you’ll want to return the item.
#2 Make sure the item is packed correctly, preventing it from getting damaged on its way back.
#3 Make sure the packaged item is sealed appropriately to avoid loss or theft during transit.
#4 State the return address boldly on your package you wish to deliver.
#5 Ensure that all necessary postage is paid before the return of the item. GYO Seedbank doesn’t cover the cost for returns.
#6 Ensure that a proper signature service is used to ensure proof of delivery and proof of posting.
#7 GYO seedbank will not be held liable for the returned shipment. Meaning, GYO will not be responsible for tracking and insurance of the returned item on its way back.

Where is GYO seedbank Located

While GYO seedbank distributes and sells marijuana seeds and accessories to any location in the World, it is physically located in the UK and Spain.

GYO Seedbank Payment options

GYO Seedbank accepts all major payment options, which include major credit and debit cards. Also, customers have the opportunity to pay using bitcoin at the checkout page.
Currently, GYO doesn’t accept PayPal payment. However, this may change in the future. Bank transfer and Cash payments can also be used as a payment option but on pre-request.

GYO shipping time

Delivery times vary depending upon where you’re located. As a general guideline, the following estimated delivery times apply:
As stated above, GYO delivery time is dependent on a lot of factors, which include your location and mailing service used. Here is general listing stating the delivery time of varied locations
Shipping time/duration
Delivery to anywhere in the World – 7 to 10 days
Delivery to European Countries – 3 to 7 days
Delivery to anywhere in the UK – 3 to 5 days
Note that these time variables are not fixed and is subject to external influences, which include mail carriers and sometimes weather.
All mailing carriers have up to 30 days to deliver your item; while this occurs rarely, you should wait the whole 30 days before you report your item missing or not delivered.

Is shopping on GYO Seedbank safe?

All shopping within the GYO seedbank official website ( is secured. Here are some steps to show you how.
#1 While shopping within the GYO website, a padlock will be seen at the bottom right of the page to indicate that you’re in a secure mode. Ensure that this padlock is always visible when sensitive information is being entered on the site, which includes personal information and payment details.
#2 All details entered in secure mode are encrypted as an added security measure.
#3 Also, advanced encryption is used to safeguard payment details like card details and other payment details relevant to your shopping.
#4 GYO uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for every order placed on its official website, which ensures that all personal information entered on the site is saved from hackers and pilfering.
#5 Card details are requested for every purchase. And must be provided before a purchase can be processed.
#6 A three-digit card signatory code is required before every order is placed, ensuring that you or any other intruder do not misuse your card.
#7 As a preventive measure, it is advised to shut down your browser after every purchase, mostly when done on a PC or a MAC. This will ensure that all sensitive information stored temporarily in cookies from any other sites is deleted, and no intruder can have access to your data.

Why buy seeds from GYO seedbank

Besides the vast years of experience, GYO administrators ensure that cannabis growers from all spheres and cultures are given diverse genes of cannabis strain to choose from, and are very active, making sure the genetic preservation of cannabis strains is at its top priority. Maintaining the diversity in seeds strains ensure diseases and pest are kept in check, thus, allowing room for long term scaled research to advance the already growing World of the cannabis industry.
GYO Seedbanks aims to always make available to its customers pure, diverse, unfettered cannabis seeds for growth and research purposes.
Putting its customers first is GYO’s top priority, that’s why it is always looking and investing ways to reward its customers. Among those ways, GYO ensures that its customers are still satisfied is its worldwide discreet shipping package, using discreet packaging at no cost to its customers to ship thousands of seeds to various locations around the World on a weekly base.
Also, its promotion heaven offers its customers mouth-watering incentives like free Shipping, free marijuana seeds, sale items, discount coupons and exclusive daily deals for its loyal customers.
Not forgetting its loyalty programme, which offers its customers eucalyptus points anytime they purchase seed on GYO, the culmination of this point qualifies customers for more mouth-watering giveaways like free Shipping and free marijuana seeds.
You will surely agree that GYO seedbank is not just out to sell seeds but ensure that its customers are satisfied every step of the way.

Wrapping things up

As shown above, GYO seedbank is not just an online marijuana seedbank out to have a share in the lush cannabis market, but a company to ensure that the future and progress of the cannabis industry is preserved by the distribution and maintenance of quality cannabis seeds for today and the future.