420 Seed Bank: Top 10 Best 420 Seed Banks USA (Review 2023)

The 420 seed bank is focused to highlight the salient features of the Cannabis seeds available across different US seed banks as the quality of the seed is the determinator of a quality crop. As the seeds originate from multiple sources and variable conditions it is pertinent to know the common features of the good quality seeds before going to the best place to buy cannabis seeds.

Genetic purity is an important determinant of a plant’s yield besides light, temperature, and nutrition. So we have selected the sources of the most stable genetic so growers in the US can get a high yield.

Price 10 seedsGirl Scout FemGorilla Glue #4 FemBlue Dream FemWhite Widow FemPurple Kush Fem
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Top 10 Best 420 Seed Banks USA

You know well that Cannabis is in the process of legalization in several states within the USA while there are certain restrictions and imposition for the others. The 420 seed bank suggests you the best place to buy weed seeds online to make you convenient in the process of buying and growing your Marijuana at home. It is pertinent to know and find the best seeds sources that ship and deliver your seeds at home.
They might be located in any of the banned states but they deliver right at the spot where demand arises from the home users whereas Cannabis Seeds USA, Marijuana Seeds USA, autoflower Seeds USA, and Marijuana Seeds for sale is the common indication that represent their presence inside the US and Europe for selling their seeds online.
Here are details of the Cannabis Seeds USA if you consider buying from online resource including the best autoflowering seeds the USA, the best autoflower seed bank, and high CBD strains.

#1. i49.net USA(Best California Seed Banks Online)

  • Beware of Worldwide Shipping on Stay At Home
  • 99% of packages ship from the California. United States
  • Germination guaranteed
  • 10% off coupon: 420BIGBUDDY $15 off coupon for sale items: 420BBSALE
  • Customer service team available 5 days a week during business hours on PST
  • Online via email 24/7
  • [email protected] is connected to a Support Team and each email turns into a ticket. All tickets wil be reply.
  • https://i49.net/contact-us/ – this also creates a ticket
  • 1-888-441-4949 – hours vary and effected by Stay at Home order in California
  • If clients have a germination issue they need to fill out this form https://i49.net/gr-form/

Check i49.net reviews via Trust Pilot
While COVID-19 procedures has reduced their score, overall you can see that customers are satisfied.
Check i49.net reviews via Trust Pilot Check i49.net reviews via Trust Pilot

#2 I love growing Marijuana

They have daily shipments for the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand with the reshipping options if the Seeds don’t get delivered at the location, whatsoever the reason behind and don’t charge for reshipping at all.
They also offer round the clock support from their experienced team and main a forum for growers’ guidelines as advised in the Robert’s Grow Bible.

Currently, ILGM has a preferential program to buy 10 seeds, get 10 free seeds, customers can choose any popular feminine strain or any autoflowering strain from them. This sale will end soon, so you should quickly place an order to get this great deal.

#3 MSNL-Seed Bank

There are also called “Original Seedbank” for their 20 years of cultivating the superior genetics of the world. They fully help and guide new customers to grow their Marijuana plants at home.
They keep working on evolving new strains of superior genetics for their worldwide acceptance. They ship worldwide while their shipments often come with free seeds. They offer a variety of weed seeds including feminized, autoflowering, and high CBD strains.

#4 Dinafem Seeds

Dinafem possesses the best strains of Indica and Sativa not simply for their direct customers but supplying it to other seed banks as well. Since they are breeders, they produce some superb strains of all types of Cannabis in demand including Feminized and Autoflowering Cannabis seeds.
They pack and ship your cannabis seeds in Eppendorf Microtubes containing Silica Gel to maintain humidity to the destination point.

#5 DNA Genetics

Although, DNA Genetics is not from the US and located in Amsterdam, Netherlands but well known in the medicinal Cannabis industry for winning more than 200 distinctions in different events around the world.
DNA Genetics has a variety of superior strains while its trademark is the sign of authenticity for the Cannabis seeds in Feminized, Autoflowering, and Regular varieties across the globe. The most famous strains associated with this name are L.A Confidential, Kosher Kush, Tangie , Chocolope, and Holy Grail Kush that are cultivated in the US.

#6 Seed City

The Seed City is in the Marijuana seeds business since 2010 with the selection from the number of breeders and handy experience in shipping orders anywhere in the world. This 420 seed bank is the cheapest, fastest, and easiest source of Autoflowering Cannabis seeds, Feminized Cannabis Seeds, and Regular Cannabis Seeds ever.
they also offer free seeds to the customer spending over $30 while the customers can select from 5000 branded seeds, available.

#7 True North Seed Bank

They are also considered a reliable supplier of the best existing strains of 3 common types of Cannabis. i.e. Autoflowering, Regular, and Feminized seeds and also well-reputed for selling fresh weed seeds, internationally. They also allow you to either order online or through their order form available on their web portal.
they have their shipping arrangements in North America and Europe as well while free seeds are complimentary with every order placed. True North is the worldwide true stealth shipper of insured Cannabis seeds with safe and convenient online payment options.

#8 Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS)

QCS is a principal benefactor of all types of Cannabis strains of feminized, autoflowering, and Regular in Canada. They also possess a variety of strains that are adaptable to the harsh climatic conditions of North America.
they often breed in line with the customers’ demand and expectations and have vast experience in providing medicinal high yielding strains world over. This 420 seed bank also provides you an option to choose from high THC strains that are easy to cultivate at home for recreational purposes.

#9 Royal Seed Bank

Royal Seed bank contributes some 600+ Cannabis strains that come right from the top 10 reliable seed banks of the world. The home growers interested in high yields, bigger harvests, bigger buds, and fantastic aromas prefer Royal Seed Bank for the cheapest strains around.
you can visit them online to find the best strains that are well adapted to your hardy zone along with the guideline to grow them, conveniently. They also offer refund policy in case you receive poor quality or damaged Marijuana seeds.

#10 Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

They offer a variety of strains for growing in variable growing conditions such as indoor, greenhouse, hydroponics, and outdoors. They are award holders for many strains and offer multiple strains that are developed and chosen by the top Dutch breeders.
they also offer strains with shorter maturity while they are high yielding at the same time. Do prefer them if you are interested to grow under artificial grow lights.

Frequently Asked Questions (Cannabis Seed Banks)

Q1: Are there any seed banks in the US?

As the restrictions are being cleared to grow Cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes in the different US states gradually, there may be a big number of seed banks in the US shortly. For the time being, some 420 seed banks still exist in the states where restrictions have been lifted off.

Q2: How to Find Seed banks That Ship to the USA

Although multiple numbers of Cannabis seed banks handle shipments into the US successfully, you must know their customer experience and reviews, customer service, payment processing and shipping techniques along with stealth shipping policies to select carefully. The performance of the strains being supplied by them is also considerable.

Q3: Can I get seeds delivered to any country?

You can get them delivered anywhere if the local laws allow you to bring seeds for medicinal and recreational purposes. Otherwise, different 420 seed bank runs its delivery setups from the multiple places in Europe and North America and you can confidently place online orders to get them delivered at your home with ease.

Q4: Is seed Supreme legit?

They are not a scam but a legit business with multiple facts and several positive reviews from many buyers internationally. Yes, there are some negative reviews as well but the number of satisfied clients is for bigger than them being the part of the business. They are a trustable online seed source for all strains of Cannabis, globally.

Q5: Is my payment information safe from online theft?

At priority, if a website, you’re supposed to make a transaction with, starts with “https” instead of “Http” is secure as they have installed SSL certificate for transactions while your payments pass from your system to destination site without being encrypted by any other device or system, is safe for you.

Q6: Why choose Homegrown Weed Seeds?

The homegrown weed seeds are preferred when you become familiar with the phenotype and salient features of that typical strain for bigger harvest and higher yields and become easy to grow and care for them for the subsequent year.

Qualities of the Good Seed

  • The seed must be True to the gene without inert matter & seeds of other varieties.
  • The seed must be uniform in shape & color as specified on the label but typically dark seeds having shades of black and grey are preferred.
  • The seed must be viable and possess vigor.
  • The seed must possess high germination percentage (Minimum 90%)
  • The seed must be certified from the Seed authorities.
  • It must mention Source & Origin of the seed on the pack.
  • They must have tags for their resistance against pests and diseases (if any).
  • The name of the variety must come up front on the label.
  • There must be sufficient Moisture levels in the seeds (5-7%).
  • They appear like wax-coated, shiny, and reflect light when exposed to sharp light.

If you aren’t finding the best place to buy marijuana seeds according to the above-listed features, you can have them from the growers or friends around but make sure to arrange a “Floating Test”.
This test can easily be carried out with a glass full of water and placing the desired seeds on the water surface, gently. The seeds that keep floating on the surface after a couple of hours are not desirable and need to be rejected. The sinker seeds keep down to the bottom and are worth germinating. You can conduct this practice with the entire sowing stuff and proceed with the sinkers for a better germination percentile.

How to germinate the Sinker Seeds?

The sinkers seeds need to be buried into the growing media for their germination. The 420 seed bank advises to use Cocopeat or Coco coir for this purpose. The growing best Marijuana seeds have 4 basic requirements. i.e. moisture, heat, air, and a dark place. The simplest and a professional approach is to soak seeds in water before putting them into coco coir as you did for the Floating test. Nursery tray or a 4 inches pot is best for a single seed. Fill the pot with growing media and place these seeds 2 cm deep into the media. Apply sufficient moisture on the surface and cover it with a dark shield. Place them in a dark place by maintaining a temperature between 70-90°F and apply little moisture daily. It will start sprouting after 3 days and the entire sprouting process may take 7 days but more than 80% germination must complete after 5th day.

When to transplant the germinated Seeds?

After the weed seeds have germinated successfully, they need them to be transplanted to a place that keeps them going for the rest of their life. The 420 Seed bank advises to avoid frequent transplanting and avoiding the use of different pots for the different growth stages. The ever first transplant out of a 4 inches container is 8 to 10 leaf stage and transplanting to a place where it must complete the rest of its growth until maturity.

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized Cannabis seeds are capable of producing buds only while this character is induced by the breeder who keeps female plants either monoecious or hermaphrodite that is not capable of cross-pollination within the existing strains. Generally, the Best Online Seed bank offers seeds of feminized varieties along with Cannabis auto-flowering seeds and high CBD weed seeds but it is in the best interest of home growers to continue with Feminized Cannabis seeds as there are no fears of further seed production. Feminization involves a complex procedure of Rodelization which only a breeder can handle otherwise stress can lead to flower any feminized Cannabis seeds that you may figure out at the end of its growing season.

What are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

These varieties are sensitive to daylight and start flowering when they are exposed to 12 hours of light per day. Generally, it regards to the end of their active growing season as the plants attain maximum maturity up to this stage and start producing flowers. Autoflower varieties have less potential than Feminized strains with the only advantage that you can take regular and longer harvests from these strains. Read – Best Autoflower Strains.